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Padi Scuba Diving Certification NJ Offers Many Things

padi scuba diving certification nj

When you take a cruise, you will often look at the different excursions that are available when you are in a port. One of the most popular is the scuba diving excursion. In the courseof a few hours you can be shown the basics of scuba diving and can spend some time exploring the ocean underneath the waves. The scuba lessons that you get on a cruise are nice, but if you really want to learn how to dive the right way and be able to prove to others that you know what you are doing, you are much better off enrolling in PADI scuba diving certification NJ courses. These are a much more thorough and complete guide to scuba diving than what you will get on a cruise ship.

What PADI Scuba Diving Certification NJ will offer them ?

  • There are some people who might wonder what PADI scuba diving certification NJ will offer them. PADI stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors. They have set standards that have been accepted by many diving schools and instructors about the type of training and how much experience an individual has to have to become certified. PADI scuba diving certification NJis not the only organization that will offer certification but it is one of the most widely recognized.

  • So, you may ask: “What does the program consist of?”

    1. The minimum age for PADI scuba diving certification NJ is 10 years old. This is for a program that is done in person with a certified instructor. If the e-learning program is used the minimum age is 13

    2. The student needs to be in good physical health

    3. An individual needs to pass a basic swimming skills test.

  • The training program for PADI scuba diving certification NJis broken down into three different areas. The first part is classroom training where you are taught the basics of scuba diving. You are also taught about the different dangers and how you can prevent them. The second area is performing 5 dives in a confined area such a swimming pool. This allows you to practice in a safe environment. The third stage is 4 open water dives where you will practice in open water under the supervision of a certified instructor.

  • You might start to wonder why there is so much involved in get PADI scuba diving certification NJ. The type of program that is required for certification is going to require you to invest a fair amount of time. How can the cruise ships get you in the water so quickly, yet this type of program is so intensive. When you go on a scuba diving excursion on a cruise ship, it is a very controlled environment. The instructors know how to teach the bare basics that you will need for a dive that will last about twenty minutes. The things they will teach you will not prepare you to dive on your own. The things you learn to get PADI scuba diving certification NJwill allow you to dive on your own and will be a skill that will last you a lifetime. You can visit my Google Plus Profile.

  • With a PADI scuba diving certification NJ you will be able to travel the world and scuba dive with ease in any type of waters because of your training. A lot of planning should be done when scuba diving in different waters: temperature, current, tides, depth and whether you are wreck diving or diving a reef. The customized programs offered by prepare you for everything you may encounter. It is better to be safe than sorry and have your A-game on when you scuba dive foreign destinations. We teach you to be the best.